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Now with the controversy over who will be president upon us. Let take a look at our country.
Only in America could we vote in a dead man. I would be speaking of Missouri’s new senator Mel Carnahan who died in a plane crash in September 2000.

Only in America could Hillary Clinton, who has done nothing for the state of NY, win the senate race. I think seniors are not looking at the big picture. Don’t they realize, that they will probably be dead when social security laws will change if they ever do change?

Only in America can we have a tie neck and neck for the presidency. Now What in
The world has AL GORE done. There is not one thing I can think of that he has
Done for this country. Granted I don’t like either candidate but I look at it as
“Who would I want to have with their finger on the panic button for war” A sissy like Gore or A man who said “GO” when he enforced the death penalty a few months ago in his hometown state. Who am I speaking of GEORGE W. BUSH.

Now for all you Nader voters, why did you bother even voting? You knew he was not going to win. You pissed away your vote for what?

This country is going to the shitter if you ask me. If Gore wins you can probably
Kiss your lovely homes goodbye, kiss your safe neighborhoods goodbye.
And see higher taxes.

Why cause Gore is for the minority, the poor, the people on welfare. And who
Pays for these people. Well the hard working middle class. YOU!

My final word is: I hope you all thought long and hard about whom you voted for.
Your kid’s futures and your grandchildren’s future just lied in your hands. As we know
What ever the candidates proposed does not take effect immediately. So as I said you
Could be dead and buried by the time this all takes effect.

When we choose a president, a representative of this country. We all should think long
And hard on what the future could be like if this person won.

We can have a Wimp like Gore as our president
Or business tycoons like Bush.

As I stated, I don’t care for either one of them, but I look at it as who is the stronger
Man for the job and the tasks to protect us.

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