Here we will find the latest images of my lower back. Do you see what is going on here?, We Do

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Hi, well the time is finally here. Time to have the surgery that will help me feel better. I will be going in this Friday, December 14th , 2001. Time is set for 7:30 am, I will be at St. Catherines hospital in Smithtown. Anyone interested in coming and saying hi is welcome as long as no fun is made. ( I know some of you have trouble being serious when you must be.) If all goes well by Saturday I will be up and about, if not , more definitely by Sunday. This has been a long,tough and painful 6 years, far tougher than any of you can imagine, and I am so looking forward to getting this over with and enjoying life once again. Visiting hours and directions will be posted below. Thank you everyone for you support and love & prayers through the past few weeks. It has really helped. The old Jackie lurks in the shadows ready to reappear as soon as I am healed. Don't forget to check out the photo of my mangled disc. This is what I have been living with and suffering from.

Visiting Hours are 11am - 2pm 4pm - 8pm

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